The INF ScanLift – 800 has been developed to be a versatile LiDAR platform that meets the needs and requirements of professional drone pilots. 

LiDAR USA are an aggressive team of pioneers in geomatics searching for new, innovative, and affordable solutions.  Innoflight Technology sell and support the full range of liDAR systems  We can create custom LiDAR solutions for collecting from the ground, water, and air.

INF technologies and people are trusted by some of the largest companies in the world.

Likewise, we have manufactured hardware and software for Align, Gaui, Thunder Tiger, Nikon, XM2, Altus Intellegence and BMD.

Maximum Security

No data transmission, No automatic updates, Restricted hardware pairing.

Full LiDAR USA Integration

Designed to integrate with the range of Lidar USA Sensors.


All our UAS have optional parachute systems.



What makes our platforms the best in the world?


Skycat Parachute Integration

Optional ballistic recovery parachute in the event of a flight condition outside the set parameters the parachute will automatically deploy. 

Designed and Made in Australia

Design and built in Brisbane, Australia by a team of experienced UAS engineers.

Maximum data security

Designed to keep your data secure and linked to the aircraft. Only you can access the data.

Constantly developed

All platforms undergo constant research and development. All aircraft can be upgraded to the latest version by request.

Ease of use

Your field teams should be able to focus more on getting good data and less on aircraft operations. Pilots should not be required to be mechanical or aviation experts to operate an aircraft safely.

Customised Flight Planner

INF Flight Planner software is used to communicate with the autopilot to complete a flight or project. The software is based on the open source software Mission Planner that has been customized to work for our autopilot system.

Any payload

LiDAR, Thermal, Photogrammetry, Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Multi-Sensor. Designed to work turnkey with any LiDAR USA sensor.

Travel Cases

The case houses the full Galaxy, Ground Control Station and assembly tools. Very rugged and able to be transported on commercial airlines.


From our blog

Scanning in Western Australia

Scanning in Western Australia This week 2 of the guys headed over to Western Australia the day before they closed the borders to do some LiDAR scanning with the InnoFlight SL-800 and the LiDARUSA Surveyor 32. Just got this photo back from them, looks like perfect weather for flying!

The ScanLift 800 Hybrid

The ScanLift 800 Hybrid Nearing the end of it’s testing phase, the hybrid unit is proving an exceptional upgrade to the Scanlift 800. Nearing the end of it’s testing phase, the hybrid unit is proving an exceptional upgrade to the Scanlift 800. The hybrid unit extends the flight-time to an exeptional 120 minutes (payload dependent) duration with…

Demo Flight day

Demo Flight Day Some pics from our recent demonstration flight day. Find out more about the Scanlift Heavy Lift UAS here Find out more about the Galaxy single rotor UAS here

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