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INF Design, a sister company to Innoflight International owns and operates a variety of Markforged™ Industrial 3D printers. Markforged™ printers are world renowned systems that provide end use, structurally viable products utilizing proprietary Onyx™ filament and continuous fibre reinforcement matrixes. 
Using our Brisbane, Australia based in-house design team ‘INF Design’ assists companies with outsourcing design projects and getting brainstorms into functioning products rapidly. INF Design values the protection of IP development and data security. 

For prototyping and less structurally loaded components INF operates 4 Markforged OnyxOne™ printers. Using the Onyx™ composite carbon/ nylon filament we are able to print extremely accurate parts with a high quality finish 100μm – 200μm with a build volume of 320mmx132mmx154mm. 

Infill, layer heights, support structure and brims are all tailored to individual components and customer requirements during the design process. The OnyxOne™ does not support continuous fibre reinforcements, for these reinforcements Innoflight operates the Markforged X7™ printers mentioned further down. 
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Get industrial-grade parts in hours, not weeks!

INF Design operates the industrial Markforged X7™ printers for parts requiring continuous fibre reinforcements as well as 50μm-200μm finishes. The X7™ is an industry changing machine that is changing the world of manufacturing utilizing high strength additive manufacturing. 
The X7 features a unique process of closed loop print scanning ensuring printed parts are within design tolerances throughout the print process. Once the print has been completed the Markforged software is able to generate a report confirming the part has been printed within tolerance, INF Design then completes an in house assessment of the product before confirming the part has been manufactured to our standards and certified for release. 
Using the UL 94V-O certified ONYX™ FR-A filament with the X7 we are able to print components with full material traceability necessary to fulfill the 14 CFR 25.853 requirements for 3D printed components. The ONYX FR-A and Carbon Fibre FR-A materials, when printed with the X7 machine using the closed loop print scanning process, are currently undergoing the NCAMP process. 
X7 Structural reinforcing has the ability to integrate continuous Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, HSHT fibreglass and Aramid Fibre (Kevlar®) carefully into our design and manufacturing process tailored to the individual components and structural loads. Printing a variety of certified materials including the standard Onyx™ as well as Onyx ESD™ electrostatic dissipative, Onyx FR™ fire resistant, Nylon and Precise PLA materials. 
X7 Build volume, 330mm x 270mm x 200mm 50μm – 250μm

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Markforged parts are primarily composed of Composite Base materials. We can reinforce parts with one type of Continuous Fiber (Carbon, Carbon FR, Kevlar®,  Fiberglass or HSHT FG) depending on the needs of your project.

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