Andromeda 120, the smallest, most powerful turnkey LiDAR solution on the market. Utilizing our years of experience, we decided to design and manufacture a small UAV multirotor turnkey LiDAR solution that is aimed at entry level UAV LiDAR surveying.

Don’t be fooled by size, this small UAV can collect exceptional data thanks to the LiDAR USA Revolution 120 scanner, with 20 minutes of usable surveying flight time we are able to cover approximately 150+ acres a flight and data as accurate as 3.8cm.

Designed to fly in the harshest conditions. 

Included Items:

  • Andrometer – 120
  • LiDAR USA Revolution 120 Scanner
  • DRS-5 Parachute
  • Travel Case

Due to the compact size, transport to those tricky locations is not an issue, the Andromeda – 120 is so compact that it is easily attached the back of a backpack allowing it to be carted into almost any location. The light weight also allows safe flight operations at under 7kg total TOW.


Dry weight (including Revolution 120 LiDAR) 5.2kg

Battery 10,000mah – 22,000mah

Width 640mm

Length 620mm

Height 240mm

Flight Time 20 minute (Including parachute and LiDAR payload)

Long Range GCS compatible

Backpack transportable

Back up redundant autopilot/ Parachute activation Battery