Andromeda 120 Multirotor

Andromeda 120, the smallest, most powerful turnkey LiDAR solution on the market. Utilizing our years of experience, we decided to design and manufacture a small UAV multirotor turnkey LiDAR solution that is aimed at entry level UAV LiDAR surveying.

Don’t be fooled by size, this small UAV can collect exceptional data thanks to the LiDAR USA Revolution 120 scanner, with 20 minutes of usable surveying flight time we are able to cover approximately 150+ acres a flight and data as accurate as 3.8cm.

Included Items:

  • Andrometer – 120
  • LiDAR USA Revolution 120 Scanner
  • DRS-5 Parachute
  • Travel Case

Recovery Parachute

Working with our long-time partners Drone rescue Systems we have integrated the DRS – 5 recovery parachute into the Andromeda – 120. We have also incorporated a small reserve Autopilot/ parachute battery used to activate the parachute in case of main battery failure. These two features make the Andromeda – 12- one of the safest solutions on the market.

Data Security

We understand the growing information security concerns surrounding drone technology. Innoflight believes honesty and transparency are key factors in making our customers successful. As one of the few UAS manufacturers with a proprietary autopilot, we are able to confidently explain the cybersecurity of our systems.

The Andromeda 120 offers the same key features as the DJI Government Edition UAS:

  • No Data Transmission – The only way data is transmitted is if the user deliberately sends it. No component of the Galaxy 950 will ever transfer data by any means to anyone, including third parties and Innoflight.
  • No Automatic Updates – You have full control on when firmware updates are applied to your fleet. You will never be denied flight capabilities due to outdated firmware. Feel free to test the update when it is convenient for you.
  • Restricted Hardware Pairing – Each Andromeda 120 is specifically linked with its Ground Control Station(s). The GCS of one Galaxy may not be used on a different Andromeda/Galaxy by accident or even on purpose. By design, the Andromeda prevents the use of unauthorized third-party devices.


Due to the compact size, transport to those tricky locations is not an issue, the Andromeda – 120 is so compact that it is easily attached the back of a backpack allowing it to be carted into almost any location. The light weight also allows safe flight operations at under 7kg total TOW.

Galaxy Ground Control Integration

The Andromeda – 120 is compatible with our long-range Galaxy series Ground Control Station, this gives our customers a compact, easy to use command and control solution that can be used for future upgrades to other Innoflight aerial solutions. To stay true to our goal with the Andromeda – 120 of a total turnkey entry level LiDAR solution we also offer a cheaper alternative flight control option that can integrated.

Ease of use

Your field teams should be able to focus more on getting good data and less on aircraft operations. Pilots should not be required to be mechanical or aviation experts to operate an aircraft safely.

Operated via our long range 3-axis Joystick configured 900/868mhz Ground Control Station or a more conventional style RC 2.4ghz system, the platform is simple to control to our Jupiter+ autopilot system.

Experienced remote pilots often understand all aircraft operations within one hour.

If you can fly DJI aircraft, you can fly the Andromeda…

  • Simple ground control station
  • Autonomous take off & landing capability
  • Straightforward pre-flight and post-flight checklists
  • Waypoint missions
  • MAVlink compatibility for mission planning software


Dry weight (including Revolution 120 LiDAR) 5.2kg

Battery 10,000mah – 22,000mah

Width 640mm

Length 620mm

Height 240mm

Flight Time 20 minute (Including parachute and LiDAR payload)

Long Range GCS compatible

Backpack transportable

Back up redundant autopilot/ Parachute activation Battery

Lidar Included

The Andromeda comes with the LiDAR USA Revolution 120 installed and calibrated.