Autopilot Systems

The Jupiter+ Autopilot

The Jupiter+ AutoPilot unit provides the worlds finest control for not only Multi-rotor UAS but also for both UAS helicopters and fixed wing application.  Our custom setup assistant software provides a powerful platform for initial setup and adjustment. The Autopilot is capable of carrying out full automatic mission flight with all well known mission planning software. Our long term experience of developing aerial control technology will provide you a locked in and always in control feeling without any intensive training.

We can provide fully custom solutions with branded software and case design. Please contact us for more details.


  • Flight Control Modes (Manual, Attitude, GPS)
  • Enhanced Loss-Control Protection
  • Augmented Control Mode (ACM): 5 types (Point-of-Interest, Stick-Orientation, Home Steering, Navigation control, Navigation Pause)
  • Compatible RC systems: INF GCS, Futaba S-Bus, JETI EX Bus
  • Compatible GPS: Ublox, Hemisphere, Trimble
  • Interface: GPS port 2 x CAN Bus, 1 x USB, 4 x UART ports (are typically used for RTK, Transponder and to communicate with GCS)
  • On-board Data Logger: Micro SD 8 G byte
  • Control output: Basic 4 controls for Swash and Rudder(330Hz PWM) 4 x PWM(including the channel for throttle. 70Hz) 3 x Switch channels (could be used for 70Hz output) 2 x Functions controlled with PWM (Camera trigger (pull low 300ms) and Sprayer).
  • Control input: RPM information input, Input capture (PWM Input)


The Jupiter+ offers the same key features as the DJI Government Edition UAS, validated by the US Dept. of Interior:

  • No Data Transmission – The only way data is transmitted is if the user deliberately sends it. No component of the Galaxy 950 will ever transfer data by any means to anyone, including third parties and Innoflight.
  • No Automatic Updates – You have full control on when firmware updates are applied to your fleet. You will never be denied flight capabilities due to outdated firmware. Feel free to test the update when it is convenient for you.
  • Restricted Hardware Pairing – Each Galaxy 950 is specifically linked with its Ground Control Station(s). The GCS of one Galaxy may not be used on a different Galaxy by accident or even on purpose. By design, the Galaxy prevents the use of unauthorized third-party devices.

Electrical Specifications

  • Operating Voltage: 4.5V~8.5V
  • Current consumption: Max 3W (typical:0.5A at 5V)
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 60°C


  • Altitude Holding: 3 types Barometric Sensor / GPS / Laser
  • Maximum Wind: Beaufort scale 7
  • Maximum Yaw Angular Velocity: GPS mode: 150°/s
  • Maximum Tilt Angle: GPS mode: 30°
  • Maximum ascent / descent Velocity: GPS mode: ±6m/s