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Tel: +61 414 182 615 (Australia)



Innoflight (INF) was founded in 2004 in Taiwan. INF initially produced RC helicopter electronics and gyro systems for many well-known hobby companies. INF was the first company to develop a flybarless rotor control gyro. INF soon realized they had engineered a gyro that was going to change the RC helicopter industry forever, and it did!

In recent years INF changed its focus from the hobby market and to the commercial UAV industry. The first commercial autopilot released was the JM-1 which paved the way for the future which has grown from strength to strength through technology and manufacturing abilities.

INF now provide autopilot technology to some of the largest companies around the world and has proven itself as a reliable OEM Company. INF technology is utilized in the surveying, agricultural spraying, hobby and military markets for single rotor, multi rotor and fixed wing aircraft.

With the development of this autopilot technology, Innoflight International Pty Ltd, an Australian company was registered in Sep 2019 with a single director – Stephen Greig. Innoflight International developed their own helicopter UAV platform, the Galaxy, which features the latest in autopilot, servo and manufacturing technology. The Galaxy UAV system achieved much acclaim as being a reliable and robust system. Galaxy systems can now be found throughout the America’s, Europe and Australasia.

In Aug 2021 Innoflight International Pty Ltd underwent a business restructure with the addition of a new director, Andrew Lashmar. Innoflight International Pty Ltd has continued the core business activities of design, development, manufacturing and supply of Commercial Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). 

Innoflight International is very proud of everything we do as a team and stand by our products. We have an excellent support structure in place and aim to keep our valued customers happy.

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