The INF DA35 UAV engine is based on the world-renowned Desert Aircraft DA35. A highly proven engine, used for both commercial UAV and defence aircraft worldwide.

The DA35 is manufactured using the latest in CNC manufacturing technology, paired with the INF EFI the DA35 UAV has incredible fuel consumption, increased performance and reliability as well as full engine data telemetry to the flight control system. 


The INF DA35 UAV can be integrated with either a 24v Alternator or a 48v alternator to provide flight system power to the unmanned aircraft avionics.


Image of Innoflight International's DA EFI 35cc UAV Engine.
Image of Innoflight International's engine drawings DA EFI 35cc UAV Engine.

Electronic Fuel Injection

Innoflights latest Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology has been integrated across our full range of UAV engines and generators. We provide our customers with extremely reliable engine solutions for commercial and DoD applications. Each engine integration is fully tested and calibrated to the EFI and provided to our customers as a turn-key solution, optional Alternator, Starter-Alternators and Generator integrations are available.

Using high quality ETFE wiring as well as positive locking connectors ensures exceptional reliability. The INF EFI integration to flight control systems allows engine/alternator control as well as full engine/system telemetry data.

Close up image of Innoflight International's EFI unit.
Close up image of Innoflight International's DA150 UAV Engine and EFI unit.

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