Custom EFI Integration

Unmanned Electronic Fuel Injected Engines

Using InnoFlight’s latest Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology across our full range of UAV engines and generators we provide our customers with extremely reliable engine solutions for commercial and DoD applications. Each engine integration is fully tested and calibrated to the EFI and provided to our customers as a turn-key solution, optional Alternator, Starter-Alternators and Generator integrations are available. Using high quality ETFE wiring as well as positive locking connectors ensures exceptional reliability. The INF EFI integration to flight control systems allows engine/alternator control as well as full engine/system telemetry data.

Image of Innoflight International's Electronic Fuel Injection unit.

What are the benefits of using EFI?

Electronic Fuel Injection replaces traditional carburettors commonly used on smaller engines. While carburettors have been used for many years, they only provide a fraction of the tuning capability EFI can provide. Using the INF EFI we are able to calculate the perfect fuel to air mapping using a variety of sensors to generate optimum engine performance automatically adjusting for all altitudes.

How does EFI work?

Each INF UAV Engine has many integrated sensors and a specially designed throttle body replacing the traditional carburettor to control fuel injection and airflow via an electronic injector valve and airflow regulating butterfly. Using RPM, Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Fuel Pressure, and various position sensors the engine tuning is electronically controlled via the EFI Engine Control Unit (ECU).

Alternator Options

Each UAV Engine can be integrated with optional alternators to power onboard avionics and Flight Control Systems (FCS). The alternators are available in 24v and 48v configurations providing 350-500W of power. Optional Starter-Alternators are also available using an alternator with the required torque to rotate the engine combustion. The INF ECU communicates with the FCS to receive control commands as well as feedback full engine status telemetry. The INF iHE7 is our dedicated UAV generator that is designed to power electric propulsion aircraft with a phenomenal 3.5KW output power.

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