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Since its founding in 2005, Innoflight Taiwan has been continually developing its own technical ability within the field of  single rotor and fixed wing drone control systems. In this time we have moved from  developing smaller UAS helicopter systems to now, full size, single-seat craft that can realize fully autonomous Flight. 

Innoflight has a successful full size autopilot and control package that can be fully implemented into any commercial project with systems for both fixed wing and rotor driven craft for both consumer and military applications. 

Example - Composite-FX

Picture of Composite-FX's single seat XE Series helicopter.

Recently Innoflight has been working alongside Composite-FX , based in Florida. Composite-FX is the manufacturer of the XE Series helicopters, commonly known as the Mosquito, a single seat helicopter – using piston or turbine engines. The body made of all-composite materials has createda helicopter that has an extremely high maneuverability and flight efficiency. 

The aerodynamic characteristics and inertial response of large helicopters are very different from those of the model, and the details that need to be considered are also incomparable to the model. Because of that we developed a custom Full Size flight controller solution that has proven to be extremely capable in all environments.

The main installation modules include:

  • Innoflight large flight controller (including backup mechanism)
  • Current and voltage sensing modules
  • Temperature sensor module
  • GPS module
  • Main rotor speed sensor
  • Main rotor swashplate servos
  • Tail rudder servo
  • Throttle line servo
  • engine speed sensor
  • Touch sensors

The flight controller has been specially developed by Innoflight Taiwan for large vehicles. Taking into account the danger of large vehicles, Innoflight referred to the design theory of modern civil aircraft flight control computers and incorporated a backup mechanism. In short There are a total of three computing units inside the flight control, and the flight control computer finally uses voting to determine whether there is a damaged computing unit. 

Picture of Composite-FX's single seat XE Series helicopter.


The flight control computer also has a built-in “black box” to record flight data in real time.

Large helicopters are equipped with a governor function, the main purpose of which is to stabilize the rotation speed of the main rotor to provide the best flight efficiency of the helicopter. The lift of the helicopter is not changed by the increase or decrease of the rotation speed. One of the reasons why its control difficulty is far from multi-axis. Installing the main rotor speed sensor can help the flight controller to determine the current speed of the main rotor, and the flight control computer can calculate the current throttle amount.

Simple flight

The GPS module developed by Innoflight provides the accurate coordinate position and head orientation of the current aircraft of the flight control computer to realize the position holding mode, which greatly reduces the difficulty of remote control flight, and even beginners with no flying experience can easily get started.

INF flight control

The newly developed flight control system can be installed in both full size single rotor and fixed winged aircraft. 

If you would like to work with us using our systems within your full sized/large scale projects please contact us using the button below to discuss our various systems that we are able to integrate. 

Picture of Innoflight International UAV flight control system for full size aircraft.