LiDARUSA offers new aircraft to carry full range of UAV scanners

SOMERVILLE, ALABAMA – 23 October 2019 –

Based in Somerville, Alabama, LiDARUSA a global leader in the design and integration of economical LiDAR sensors announced a partnership with Innoflight Technology, a manufacturer specializing in UAV systems for surveying, mapping, and inspection.  As a result of the partnership, LiDARUSA is offering the Galaxy 950 platform to carry any of its sensors while consistently providing flight times over 30 minutes.

Innoflight and LiDARUSA’s partnership is another step for both companies to offer turn-key solutions focused on quickly and safely acquiring high quality data.  Innoflight designed the Galaxy 950 to simplify the flying aspect of remote sensing with UAV.  The helicopter includes a parachute, automatic takeoff/landing, and extended visual line of sight capabilities to maximize productive time.

For corridor/electric utility line projects, the Galaxy 950 pairs well with the recently announced CL-90 by Teledyne Optech.  As the first integration partner of the new compact LiDAR system, LiDARUSA is offering maximum productivity at UAV flight ceilings while achieving improved canopy penetration and exceptional downward point density.

“LiDARUSA and Innoflight Technology are both committed to customer success, and this partnership provides the whole package for LiDAR mapping solutions with UAV,” said Jeff Fagerman, CEO of LiDARUSA. “Innoflight’s Galaxy 950 offers exceptional performance in safety, flight duration, and ease of use, which is what our customers need for their projects.”

The Galaxy 950 is now available from LiDARUSA as an integrated package with any of their scanning systems.


LiDARUSA, also known as Fagerman Technologies, is a family owned business just outside of Huntsville, Alabama. LiDARUSA specializes in laser scanning, photogrammetry, instrumentation and all things geomatics. Years of experience working on best-in-class products have developed our sense of quality and leadership necessary to build only the best systems.  For more information, visit

About Innoflight Technology

Innoflight Technology designs and manufactures commercial UAV solutions including aircraft, payload integrations, custom autopilots, servos, and ground control stations. We have 15 years’ experience developing and testing flight systems, with operations in the United States, Australia, and Taiwan.  Innoflight prides itself on responsive customer support and rapid innovation.  For more information, visit


LiDARUSA Contact:

Innoflight Technology Contact:
Eric Torres
Director, Customer Success



Innoflight Technology Selects Robotic Skies for Global UAS Maintenance Support

Innoflight Technology, a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial unmanned aircraft system (UAS) solutions, announced today that the company tapped Robotic Skies Inc, the only global maintenance network for commercial UAS, to provide customers with full-service maintenance and field repair support for the Galaxy 950 platform.

As part of the Innoflight Technology customer success program, Galaxy 950 UAS customers will have access to preventive maintenance and repair services anywhere in the world via the global Robotic Skies Service Center network.

“We dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible support to our customers during purchase, delivery, and beyond,” said Stephen Greig, Owner and Director of Innoflight International. “Even with a rugged and reliable platform like the Galaxy 950, every airframe needs repair and service over time to assure continued dependability and safety. Robotic Skies is positioned to offer our customers the same high level of professional service they expect from Innoflight to keep their systems mission-ready.”

“As aviation authorities around the world begin to regulate complex commercial UAS operations, maintenance requirements will be a part of the new standards,” said Brad Hayden, founder and CEO of Robotic Skies. “Robotic Skies is built upon decades of experience with certified FAA Part 145 manned aviation repair station best practices to meet or exceed these future regulatory expectations, and Innoflight customers will be well-positioned to demonstrate compliance.”

The Galaxy 950 UAS, destined for Beyond Visual Line of Sight missions and use, is an electric single-rotor Remotely Piloted Aircraft System designed from the ground up as a long-endurance and high-payload platform. For the ultimate payload protection, the Galaxy comes equipped with a reliable autonomous recovery parachute system from Drone Rescue System. The Galaxy 950 currently supports extended line-of-sight operations, a customizable autopilot, and a variety of high-value sensor payloads.

About Innoflight Technology

Innoflight Technology designs and manufactures commercial UAS solutions, from custom autopilots, servos, ground control stations to full UAS systems. Our 15 years of experience in developing and testing flight systems for the UAS market positions us to deliver custom solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Learn more at

About Robotic Skies Inc

Robotic Skies is a brokered global network of commercial UAS maintenance Service Centers. Founded in 2014, Robotic Skies has more than 175 independently owned and operated certified repair stations across more than 40 countries. The company’s comprehensive turnkey field service programs are designed to keep commercial UAS operations safe, affordable, and mission-ready.

Drone Rescue Systems Parachute Integration

Testing the new Drone Rescue Systems parachute integrated to the Galaxy 950. Very impressive recovery system, automatic take off and landing detection, loud audible warning when parachute has been deployed and a load of other awesome features!

Upon recovery the damage was isolated to the fiberglass canopy and one landing gear leg, we were up and flying within 5 minutes and testing the chute over and over again.


Galaxy Travel Case Released

We received the first retail Galaxy travel case, it has turned out perfectly and is now available as part of the Galaxy 950 flight package. The case houses the full Galaxy 950, Ground Control Station and assembly tools. Very rugged and able to be transported on commercial airlines.

No other single rotor on the market in this class has the ability to pack down this small and easily.

Box dimensions: 
Length – 132cm (52″)
Height – 42cm (16.5″)
Width – 52cm (20″)

PPK/PPP Solutions

PPK/PPP Solution now available for the Galaxy 950 and compatible with our Jupiter series of autopilots. PPK allows high accuracy GPS data for photogrammetry. Configured software allows the Jupiter and Klau PPK system to produce a corrected GPS log for 3rd party processing to output highly accurate point clouds.

Available now with the Galaxy 950 as an optional extra, for further information contact us or visit


Always evolving! As part of the development process for the Galaxy platform we realized for a commercially reliable solution, standard hobby grade servos were not going to do the job we needed them to do. What do we do when we cannot find a readily available solution? Make our own of course! After a sit down with our engineers and design team a plan was made and not long after the TM3514F was born, this servo actuator is a game changer for the UAV industry. It has 35kg of torque, utilizes a brushless encoded motor for accurate position and best of all operates on UAV CAN, PWM and RS-485 protocols with full data feed back to the autopilot!

Release of the Galaxy 950

Things have been busy at INF, we have been working hard on the final prototype testing and development of our latest platform the ‘GALAXY 950‘ this surveying UAS has been an exciting project for us and a lot of time has gone into the design, testing and manufacturing process of this amazing platform!