Galaxy Travel Case Released

We received the first retail Galaxy travel case, it has turned out perfectly and is now available as part of the Galaxy 950 flight package. The case houses the full Galaxy 950, Ground Control Station and assembly tools. Very rugged and able to be transported on commercial airlines. No other single rotor on the market in this class has the ability to pack down this small and easily. Box dimensions: Length – 132cm (52″)Height – 42cm Read more…

PPK/PPP Solutions

PPK/PPP Solution now available for the Galaxy 950 and compatible with our Jupiter series of autopilots. PPK allows high accuracy GPS data for photogrammetry. Configured software allows the Jupiter and Klau PPK system to produce a corrected GPS log for 3rd party processing to output highly accurate point clouds. Available now with the Galaxy 950 as an optional extra, for further information contact us or visit


Always evolving! As part of the development process for the Galaxy platform we realized for a commercially reliable solution, standard hobby grade servos were not going to do the job we needed them to do. What do we do when we cannot find a readily available solution? Make our own of course! After a sit down with our engineers and design team a plan was made and not long after the TM3514F was born, this Read more…