Hybrid Generator

While testing current in market hybrid systems with our aircraft we were dissapointed with their performance. As a team we decided to use our technology and develop our own generator, what eventually came to fruition was the INF iHE7.
We integrated our EFI and generator technology to a custom built DA70 working closely with Desert Aircraft USA and Australia spending an incredibly long time developing and testing the engines reliability and continues output power with many iterations and developments along the way.
We are proud of the product we have developed and now are opening up the technology to other manufacturers and end users.

Innoflights latest Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology has been integrated across our full range of UAV engines and generators. We provide our customers with extremely reliable engine solutions for commercial and DoD applications. 

Each engine integration is fully tested and calibrated to the EFI and provided to our customers as a turn-key solution, optional Alternator, Starter-Alternators and Generator integrations are available.

Using high quality ETFE wiring as well as positive locking connectors ensures exceptional reliability. The INF EFI integration to flight control systems allows engine/alternator control as well as full engine/system telemetry data.

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