Innoflight International At The Forefront Of Additive Manufacturing!

By Andrew Cottee

Innoflight International (INF) is a leading Australian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designer and manufacturer that is at the forefront of additive manufacturing. With the help of  Australian-based additive manufacturing solution providers Core Additive and their sister company SFDesign, coupled with their Markforged 3D printers, INF has been able to stay at the cutting edge of the global UAV industry. 

Additive manufacturing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by enabling companies to produce complex geometries that would otherwise be impossible with traditional manufacturing methods. This technology has been particularly useful in the aerospace industry, where lightweight, strong, and durable parts are essential. 

INF has been able to take advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing, and with the use of the latest Markforged 3D printers INF is able to embed continuous fibers within plastic materials, which provides additional strength and durability. This technology enables INF to create UAV parts that are up to ten times stronger than traditional plastic parts.

INF’s use of additive manufacturing has enabled them to reduce lead times significantly manufacturing parts in a matter of hours, rather than weeks. This has allowed INF to respond quickly to changing market needs including enabling them to offer bespoke customization to meet specific customer’s requirements. 

INF’s commitment to additive manufacturing and their alliance with Core Additive and SFDesign has enabled them to produce world leading UAVs. As the UAV industry continues to evolve INF’s use of additive manufacturing helps them stay ahead of the competition and continue to provide leading innovative solutions to their customers. 

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