Innoflight Joins AUVSI and Pursues Green UAS Certification

By Andrew Lashmar

Innoflight International is proud to announce its recent membership with the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). This is an exciting step for the Australian-based company as it looks to support its US customers and stay up to date with the rapidly growing unmanned systems and robotics industry.

As an advocacy member of AUVSI, Innoflight International will have access to a range of resources and opportunities that will help it stay current with the latest trends and technologies in the UAV industry. AUVSI offers a variety of educational programs, including webinars and training courses, which will enable Innoflight International to keep up to date with the latest industry developments. Additionally, AUVSI hosts numerous events and conferences throughout the year, providing valuable networking opportunities for industry professionals.

Innoflight International is also in the process of participating in the Green UAS program. The program assesses and verifies commercial drones to ensure they meet the highest levels of cybersecurity and NDAA supply chain requirements through a security controls assessment and vulnerability and penetration testing. By participating in the program, Innoflight International is demonstrating its commitment to promoting sustainable practices in the industry.

Moreover, the Green UAS program provides a valuable framework for assessing and verifying the security of commercial drones, which is essential in today’s increasingly cybersecurity-conscious world. By obtaining certification through the program, Innoflight International will be able to demonstrate to its customers that its products meet the highest levels of security requirements.

Participating in the Green UAS program is also an opportunity for Innoflight International to strengthen the security and capabilities of UAS technology in the United States. The program aligns with the DIU’s Blue UAS 2.0 program, which sets rigorous standards for UAS technology used by the Department of Defense. The Green UAS cleared list of drones will meet updated levels of security requirements, positioning Innoflight International to meet the evolving needs of the defense sector.

In conclusion, joining AUVSI and participating in the Green UAS program are significant steps for Innoflight International as it looks to support its US customers and promote sustainable and secure practices in the unmanned systems and robotics industry. These initiatives will provide the company with access to a range of resources and opportunities, helping it to grow and succeed in the industry.

Innoflight International joins AUVSI and participates in Green UAV program