Service – LiDAR

Now available for the Australian and NZ market.

Evolving from years of experience building the best UAV systems on the market we have also grown a wealth of knowledge in the LiDAR surveying sector. Through years of working closely with our partners LiDAR USA we have decided to offer a LiDAR Surveying service to help collect accurate data for customers who may not yet have enough work to justify the outright cost of a LiDAR system.

Lidar Australia currently operates the Revolution 120 scanner from LiDAR USA for most jobs, this small yet powerful scanner provides exceptional results that outperform any other scanner in its class range. Using the Galaxy series of aircraft, we can capture accurate data with a quick processed turn around time. As with all LiDAR USA scanners it is possible to add a RGB sensor to the system to colorize the point cloud in certain situations that may require.

For larger surveying jobs we have the LiDAR USA Teledyne Optech CL-90

This LiDAR is designed for exceptional canopy penetration, low-noise, high-quality survey-grade data boasting exceptional performance in accuracy and precision, best-in-class range performance offering full LiDAR performance across the entire operating altitude of the UAV and a unique variable field of view for users looking to maximize single-pass point density.

Survey-grade OEM lidar sensors that employ proven technology in a compact design for integration with mobile and UAV platforms. Available as a transceiver for system integration, our compact lidar sensors enable high-quality data in complex environments for discriminating surveyors. Featuring exceptional range performance, superior cross-track point density and outstanding vegetation penetration, Teledyne Optech sensors offer best-in-class data precision for tight-tolerance applications.

For inquiry’s into this service please contact Stephen on the following:

+61 414 182 615 (Australia/New Zealand)