LiDAR USA Is a LiDAR Integration word leading company based in Alabama, USA. With strong partnerships with the top LiDAR sensor manufacturers around the world LiDAR USA offer a variety of solutions for manned airborne, unmanned airborne and mobile uses.

Accuracy and reliability are at the forefront of all LiDAR USA and Innoflight Technology products, using a custom INS/IMU systems allows almost all the LiDAR USA scanners to be multi use between airborne and mobile applications. LiDAR USA also integrates with many known “off the shelf” INS/IMU solutions.

LiDAR USA utilizes a fully inhouse developed point cloud processing software (Scanlook PC) cutting out the middleman and high cost of third-party processing software providers. Scanlook is an intuitive program that has a wide variety of options to process data for all applications and uses. LiDAR USA own online cloud storage data viewing software is available to all customers for uploading and viewing data point clouds.

Innoflight Technology and LiDAR USA have been working together for many years and Innoflight is proud to distribute and support the full range of LiDAR USA systems in Australia and New Zealand. As with our range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), customer service and care is our top priority and we look forward to supporting the LiDAR USA family down under.

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LiDAR USA Snoopy miniVUX

LiDAR USA Teledyne Optech CL-90
LiDAR USA Revolution 120
Highway Mapper

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