Scanlift 800 in the Field

AAM, a Woolpert Company recently completed a project that required spatial data for three separate sites, 150 kilometres apart from each other, and spread across a wide region. We captured, processed and delivered #LiDAR and Ortho #imagery for a mine, a coal handling processing plant and a port – all within 3 days.   We delivered this survey data to a client in the #miningsector, who are based in Southeast Queensland. This information was required as part of their bi-annual routine for time-critical, audit and stockpile volume reporting.   The mine site and coal handling processing plant were located in the western part of the region.

Our Teledyne Optech Galaxy PRIME/Phase One Camera was deployed on a fixed wing aircraft (piloted plane) to capture the data of these two sites without any issues.   However, to capture the survey data of the port (the third site) we could not use our plane because of Air Traffic Control restrictions. In addition to this, we had to deal with an unfavourable weather forecast and had prescheduled maintenance for our plane. This meant we needed a different survey method to capture data over the port, otherwise we would miss our client’s data delivery deadline.  

Our mapping team were happy to utilise our latest technology investments – a LiDARUSA Surveyor32 UAV system and Sony A6000 camera with the Innoflight Technology platform. These were mounted on a remotely piloted aircraft (RPAS) and operated by our chief pilot who had pre-existing approvals to fly at a maximum of 40 metres above ground level.   Our simultaneous UAV LiDAR and imagery data capture was completed within a mission time of just 20 minutes. We uploaded the data to the cloud and AAM’s processing team, which includes a team of spatial analysts, processed the data quickly and calculated volumes by the next day.   Our client was very happy with the outcome, especially since they “always have difficulty acquiring [survey data] at the port with Air Traffic Control restrictions”. Such restrictions can lead to missed project deadlines, resulting in a loss of time and money. Date-specific capture is a top priority for our clients in the mining sector.  

Although we contended with factors beyond our control, such as unfavourable weather and airspace access restrictions, we are proud to have successfully delivered our client’s data very rapidly and on time.