The Innoflight Technology Scanlift SL-400 is a professional UAS platform that has been developed as an efficient way to carry medium to light weight sensors including the LiDAR USA imaging range. 

With it’s 4 incredibly efficient motors and lighter weight, it will survey large areas and remote, hard to access sites with ease.

The Scanlift SL-400 has been developed and tested in some of the harshest environments in the world and is both rugged and incredibly reliable. 

The INF Scanlift-400 was designed to provide an efficient platform for medium to light payloads. With this comes increased duration, with all the reliability that has been engineered into our previous designs.
Stephen Greig
Lead Designer/ Engineer


The ScanLift 400 offers the same key features as the DJI Government Edition UAS:

  • No Data Transmission – The only way data is transmitted is if the user deliberately sends it. No component of the ScanLift will ever transfer data by any means to anyone, including third parties and Innoflight.
  • No Automatic Updates – You have full control on when firmware updates are applied to your fleet. You will never be denied flight capabilities due to outdated firmware. Feel free to test the update when it is convenient for you.
  • Restricted Hardware Pairing – Each ScanLift is specifically linked with its Ground Control Station(s). The GCS of one ScanLift may not be used on a different ScanLift by accident or even on purpose. By design, the Galaxy prevents the use of unauthorized third-party devices.


Your field teams should be able to focus more on getting good data and less on aircraft operations. Pilots should not be required to be mechanical or aviation experts to operate an aircraft safely.

Operated via our long range 3-axis Joystick configured 900/868mhz Ground Control Station or a more conventional style RC 2.4ghz system, the platform is simple to control to our Jupiter+ autopilot system.

Experienced remote pilots often understand all aircraft operations within one hour.

  • Simple ground control station
  • Autonomous take off & landing capability
  • Straightforward pre-flight and post-flight checklists
  • Waypoint missions
  • MAVlink compatibility for mission planning software



  • SkyCat/DRS series Parachute
  • Integrated FPV
  • HDMI video/payload feed



The Scanlift-400 can take a maximum 4 kg payload. 

LiDAR, Thermal, Photogrammetry, Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Multi-Sensor are all possible. Please contact us with options that will work with the SL-400.


INF reccomends the optional parachute with the Scanlift-400 to add increased redundancy when carrying both LiDAR and optical senors.

The INF ScanLift 400 features an optional SKYCAT or DRS ballistic recovery parachute in the event of a flight condition outside the set parameters the parachute will automatically deploy. Both DRS and Skycat have a large eject distance and have Larger parachutes — The best weight/performance ratio of all parachute recovery systems we have tested and perfectly suited to the ScanLift.