Operated via our long range 3-axis Joystick configured 900/868mhz Ground Control Station or a more conventional style RC 2.4ghz system, the Galaxy is a very simple to control platform thanks to our Jupiter- H series autopilot system. Autonomous take offs, way point missions and landings are simple to execute with the just flick of a switch. Compatible with MAVlink mission planning software, setting up and collecting data is a very fast process saving labor and in-field time.

An event log is stored on the autopilot for PPK photogrammetry downloadable via our autopilot software. The log will store, GPS time stamp, Height MSL, Height AGL and IMU data.

The Galaxy is destined for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) missions and use. We have protocols in place to meet the strict FAA requirements and ensure that the Galaxy is operated safely and complaint to the regulations.

Designed for surveying, our design team thought of everything for the Galaxy! Assembly, disassembly and transport is a quick one tool process. The Galaxy can be left assembled or packed down to a compact size of 1400x350x500 (LWH:mm) within minutes. 

Every Galaxy goes through a full system and flight check process before being delivered. Each system is customized to your needs and payload requirements to provide the best endurance and overall stability.


  • Main Rotor diameter: 1980mm (78″)
  • Tail Rotor diameter: 210mm (10″)
  • Length: 1800mm (71″)
  • Height: 580mm (23″)
  • Width: 550mm (21.6″)
  • Empty weight: 9kg (19.8lbs)
  • MTOW: 21kg
  • Power plant: 12s (50v) 10,000mah 16,000mah, 22,000mah, 30,000mah
  • Climb rate: 4m/s
  • Decent rate: 2m/s
  • Cruise speed: 12m/s (27mph, 43kmh)
  • Construction: Carbon fiber, aluminium

Parachute Integration

Drone Rescue Systems Parachute integration. Designed to protect payload. The Galaxy 950 has completed a successful testing programme of parachute deployment at various heights and payload weight.

The Galaxy Travel Case

The case houses the full Galaxy 950, Ground Control Station and assembly tools. Very rugged and able to be transported on commercial airlines.

No other single rotor on the market in this class has the ability to pack down this small and easily.

Box dimensions: 
Length – 132cm (52″)
Height – 42cm (16.5″)
Width – 52cm (20″)

Payload Options

Flight Computer

The Galaxy flight computer has been developed using real test flight data to give an indication of different flight times based on battery size, payload weight and flight style. Please note that this will vary within the field due to variables in battery, climatic conditions and altitude.