LiDAR USA integration of the Teledyne survey grade sensor featuring superior vegetation penetration and long-range performance for maximum productivity at UAS ceilings.

This LiDAR is designed for exceptional canopy penetration, low-noise, high-quality survey-grade data boasting exceptional performance in accuracy and precision, best-in-class range performance offering full LiDAR performance across the entire operating altitude of the UAV and a unique variable field of view for users looking to maximize single-pass point density.

Survey-grade OEM lidar sensors that employ proven technology in a compact design for integration with mobile and UAV platforms. Available as a transceiver for system integration, our compact lidar sensors enable high-quality data in complex environments for discriminating surveyors. Featuring exceptional range performance, superior cross-track point density and outstanding vegetation penetration, Teledyne Optech sensors offer best-in-class data precision for tight-tolerance applications.

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