The ScanLift Orbit

Hybrid-Electric Heavy Lift & Long Endurance UAS

The ScanLift Orbit has been purposed built for long endurance and long range including reliability and ruggedness and has been rigorously tested up to 8000ft with full payload and in some of the hardest environments in the world from the snow capped mountains in Canada to the harsh deserts of outback Australia.

Image of Innoflight Internationals hybrid/electric 8 x rotor UAV, the Orbit.


  • 4+ Hours Flight Time

    2+hr @ 7kg/15.4lbs payloads. Longer flight times increase productivity and maximize returns.

  • Heavy Lift Capacity

    Up to 10kg/22lbs payload compacity allowing a multitude of payload options maximising ROI.

  • Push Button Electric Start

    Starting the iHE7 hybrid generator engine couldn't be simpler or easier with its push button electric start.

  • Redundancy

    Electric motor redundancy. Petrol engine redundancy with up to 5 min reserve battery. Optional parachute. Battery power supply redundancies.

  • Ground Control System

    Intuitive ground control system with long range communication capabilities. Secure encrypted data link.

  • Modular Design

    Modular design with interchangeable arms allowing easy replacement of damaged arms or motors. Simply 'plug-n- fly'.

Image of Innoflight Internationals hybrid/electric 8 x rotor UAV, the Orbit.
  • Powerful EFI Generator

    Electronic Fuel Injected iHE7 hybrid-electric generator provides exceptional power backed up by genuine data.

  • Data Security

    Sovereign data highly secured not leaving its localized area. No auto updates & permission only hardware pairing.

  • Full Autonomous Flight

    World class Jupiter + autopilot flight controller with full autonomous flight capability. Secure In-house proprietary source code.

  • Payload Dampening System

    Integrated payload dampening system minimizing vibrations allowing better quality data.

  • Quick Connect Mount

    Quick connect mount system allows fast and easy changing of payloads while out in the field.

  • Ease Of Use

    Ease of use from beginners to experienced pilots. Spend more time on collecting quality data as opposed to complex aircraft operations.


  • ADS-B

    ScanLift integrated ADS-B receiver is a light weight, long range, low power consumption module enabling BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) certified flights, DAA (Detect and Avoid) capabilities and remote pilot 360x360degree spatial awareness. (Remote ID ready).

  • Ground Control Station Dual Handover

    Single or dual GCS’s and screens with BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight). For large corridor mapping dual GCS’s allow for GCS handover from one GCS to another GCS. Customizable modems and control integrations available.

  • First Person View Camera

    The on-board FPV camera allows the pilot to see the ScanLifts’s point of view from a secondary ground screen. AV or HDMI options available for FPV or payload video link.

  • Terrain Laser Sensor

    The laser sensor allows terrain following or in flight height above terrain telemetry helping to mitigate risk including maintaining data collection accuracy and spatial awareness.

  • Rader

    Radar height detection usable over wet areas where LiDAR is not applicable.

  • Parachute

    If our Autopilot system detects any flight parameters outside the normal ranges then all the motors shut down and the parachute is deployed automatically. The parachute is also non ballistic and commercial airline transportable.

  • Real-Time Kinematic

    The ScanLift Orbit is RTK ready and seamlessly links with INF’s RTK base station or with a customers existing base stations. RTK increases navigational accuracy and geologging of images as they are triggered during flight.

  • Optional Payload Voltage

    5v, 7v, 12v, 24v. Power payloads from main batteries, no need for separate payload battery.

Specifications Innoflight Internationals hybrid/electric 8 x rotor UAV, the Orbit.
Endurance* 90-240min *dependant on payload & environmental conditions, does not include added accessaries/options
Maximum Payload Capacity 10 kg / 22 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity Sub 25kg / 55 lbs 7.5 kg / 16.5 lbs
MTOW 27.5 kg / 60 lbs @ 10 kg payload or 25 kg / 55 lbs @ 7.5 kg payload
Maximum Tested Wind Tolerance 36kmh / 22.37mph / 10ms
Rated Wind Tolerance* 25.2 km/h / 15.65 mph / 7.0 ms *ground level / no payload
Maximum Survey Speed 12 m/s
Maximum Flight Speed 15 m/s
Minimum Operating Temperature* -10 C / 14 F *no payload
Maximum Operating Temperature* 40 C / 104 F (Ambient) *no payload
Dry Weight 14.5 kg / 32 lbs
Propulsion Source Fuel Injected Hybrid Gasoline-Electric
Generator: INF EFI iHE7 3.5 KW / 4.7 HP, max 70 amp peak power supply, auto power management, auto-start, auto throttle control
Fuel Unleaded 91-98 Octane with 40:1 2-Stroke Oil
Battery System Hybrid-Electric 4,500 mah, 12S Lithium Polymer
Reserve Battery Endurance 3 - 7 minutes (endurance extension available)

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Introducing The iHE7

The Magic Behind Long Flight Times.

The Magic Behind Long Flight Times.

Image of Innoflight Internationals iEH7 UAV generator.
Image of Innoflight International's data sheet showcasing The ScanLift Orbits maximum climb rate using its INF iHE7 Hybrid Generator.

Years in the making this is INF’s latest Electronic Fuel Injected iHE7 Hybrid-Electric Generator. It is the magic behind the long flight times including maintaining high safety margins with electric propulsion motor redundancy as well as engine failure redundancy with up to 7 minutes reserve battery. The iHE7 boasts 3.5kw / 4.7hp providing exceptional power supply for heavy payloads, steep terrain changes and extreme long endurance.

The iHE7 is an electronically fuel injected (EFI), self starting engine with a unique air cooled design for simplicity and in field reliability in any environment. With a massive peak output of 3.5kw / 4.7hp and a continuous 3kw (4hp) output the iHE7 is incredibly fuel efficient, the on-board ECU controls engine management, fuel flow, fuel injection, cooling and throttle management/power output. 

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